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What is Feminine Energy?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

To be a woman in this ever-evolving world – complete with an abundance of different cultures, religious duties, and familial expectations – is powerful, yet deeply complex. While some women are breaking through generations of female complacency, others are happily settling into domestic roles. To be clear, there is no right or wrong way to be a woman, and while women may hold vastly different roles in life, we all have one thing in common: our primal feminine energy.

What is Feminine Energy?

A quick internet search describes feminine energy as a series of adjectives: sensitive, tender, kind, radiant, and nurturing to name a few. As women, we are natural caregivers; it is our superpower – our primal feminine energy – giving us a different perspective than that of a man. For the modern woman well on her way to achieving career success and looking to reinvent her role in the world, denying her feminine energy may seem as though it is the logical thing to do.

Such is true for our founder, Hanna Gedy. Growing up in a devoutly religious, Orthodox Jewish family in Jerusalem, she challenged her religious and familial expectations through her inherent tomboy spirit. In direct opposition to her feminine energy, she chose to embrace her masculine side and deny her feminine traits; she remembers the concept of menstruating to be simply bizarre and considered puberty an unwelcome side effect to being a woman. These signs of blocked feminine energy and overall denial lead to an internal battle between feminine energy vs. masculine energy; however, what Hanna later discovered is that both feminine and masculine energies can peacefully coexist within a woman.

The Wounded Masculine Phenomenon

Tired of the ongoing battle and eager to begin her healing journey toward inner-peace, Hanna found Jake Woodard: Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Healer.

Jake’s teachings are rooted in addressing masculine and feminine dynamics; diving into how these polar energies play a role in daily life, intimacy, and relationships. Through Jake, Hanna learned about the wounded masculine phenomenon: the idea that humans – women and men alike – enlist their masculine energy to protect themselves in response to being in a constant state of survival mode caused by trauma.

Wounded masculine energy in a woman commonly manifests itself through stagnant energy; however, it is through intentional movements, breath, and guided energy work that women are able to break down the walls they’ve built – and relieve the bodily stress caused by stagnant energy – to regain inner balance as well as physical realignment to begin embracing femininity.

How to Heal Feminine Energy

Discovering how to heal wounded feminine energy allows for a healthier state of mind and the ability to transmute negative thought patterns into positives. Jake’s key to healing is to fully embrace feminine energy and allow emotional pain to be released from the body. He gives us the example, “If you were abused and abandoned by masculine energy, you likely don’t trust it. So you overdevelop your inner masculine, which makes you imbalanced, repressing your feminine.” This transformative process of healing feminine energy allows your feminine to not only be seen and appreciated, but to be supported by your inner masculine energy as well.

This realization was a break-through for Hanna as she stated, “The more I embodied my femininity, the more I stepped into my body, the better I was able to let go of what no longer served me.”

Her view on women and the power we hold completely changed as she began to see women (and herself) as ethereal beings radiating expansive love with the ability to absorb even the toughest challenges and let go of what no longer serves them.

How to Use Feminine Energy

As feminine energy is a gift, the use of it is our power. Historically, we live in a patriarchal society that represses feminine empowerment; as a result, you may find yourself struggling with how to be in your feminine energy when around men.

To use feminine energy is to fully embrace the power that lies within being a woman, to embody what it means to be a healer, nurturer, and a mother, and to align your daily actions and thought patterns with your primal feminine energy. This allows for a different perspective, a gentler approach, and a stronger mentality that considers all possible outcomes.

By tapping into your feminine side, you will discover yourself exemplifying signs of high feminine energy as a means to get ahead in the world; allowing you to balance your feminine energy with your masculine energy around men in a male-dominated workplace.

Are you ready to step into your power while cherishing and living your femininity?

Embody it, Claim it, it’s yours!

Click on the link below to get started with your free 21 day challenge – tackling the repeated thought patterns that may be repressing your feminine energy – and subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

*Important* We recommend that you set an intention to welcome your femininity in ways you may never have done so before, prior to starting your challenge!

We hope to hear from you soon and together embark on a journey to feel and live your femininity.

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