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Hanna Gedy is the founder and creative force behind Chase Your Wind, a company and brand that empowers fighters, other athletes, and performers to access their full potential through specialized yoga, breathwork, and light-touch recovery, among other modalities. 


Gedy has trained at top facilities in the United States and abroad. She has traveled the world assisting top-level athletes in maximizing their full potential. Gedy is on a mission to elevate her clients to the highest levels of physical success and wellness.

While Gedy has always been athletic, her formal studies in physical performance began in 2009 and have taken her all over the world. She has since thrown herself into training, study, and practice to help high-achieving fighters, other athletes, and performers reach their ultimate potential. In 2018 she traveled to Peru for an ayahuasca retreat where she discovered a passion for MMA combat. In 2020, Gedy trained at fighting camps in Thailand where renowned fighters refine their technique, pushing their bodies to maximum effectiveness.

Her credentials include training with Thierry Fradin, a French kickboxing instructor based in Cambodia, several top UFC fighters at "Tiger Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts" in Phuket, Thailand, and veteran fighter Kevin Kasey. She now brings those lessons back to the United States to help clients go beyond physical and mental barriers to achieve excellence.


In addition to fighters and other athletes, Gedy specializes in assisting professionals in the performing arts to help them open their bodies for performance and expression. Gedy herself is a SAG-AFTRA member and knows the importance of physical openness. She's worked on sets alongside major “A list” actors like Will Smith and Robert DeNiro. 

Gedy is a certified Assistant Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® through The Fitzmaurice Institute which focuses on breathwork. She also studied privately with Saul Kotzubei, Voice and Public Speaking Coach in Los Angeles. In addition, Gedy completed a 50-hour Yoga for Athletes Training Course through the InDepth Yoga Academy in Rawai, Thailand. 


If you are ready to move your practice and physical performance to the next level, Gedy is here for you. She has spent her life and career studying the best practices to achieve peak physical output and the best methods to go beyond mental barriers and move into new levels of excellence. Chase your Wind is the embodiment of this mission and Gedy's ideals. She loves to empower people who want more from themselves and life.

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Our mission is to help fighters, other athletes, and performers fine-tune and utilize their bodies in the most efficient way through specialized yoga, breathwork, and light touch recovery, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best — perform and compete. We wish to help them unleash their full potential with utmost efficiency, attain greatness, career longevity, ultimate performance and to support them on their way to a successful and winning career.

We help fighters, other athletes, and performers:

  • Gain greater awareness and access to their bodies

  • Learn how to utilize breath in intense situations for maximum effectiveness 

  • Acquire tools to relax and rejuvenate the body post-performance and competition

  • Boost imagination, improve presence and focus during competition

  • Increase range of motion through targeted movements

  • Improve mobility, flexibility, core strength, and balance

  • Enhance relaxation and relieve pain

  • Optimize healing during the recovery phase, post training, or from injury

  • Release stagnant energy stored in the body for the ultimate reset

  • Increase mental and physical resilience 

  • Prevent injury and/or restore the body to pre-injury condition

  • Support career longevity

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​Our vision is to help high-achieving athletes and performers enhance physical and mental performance, increase and maintain body efficiency, recover faster from workouts, prevent injuries, and support career longevity through fitness recovery training utilizing yoga for athletes, breath work, and light touch recovery. We help you release restrictions and stagnation stored in the body, restore the body to pre-injury condition and encourage you to track, tackle and reprogram thought patterns and habits that no longer serve you.

Our approach aims to produce desired results, and create space for greater alignment. Our goal is to invite rest, relaxation, and recovery to the mind and body as a whole —while creating synchronicity and flow for ultimate performance and longevity.


  • Always be choosing love. 

  • Create opportunities in places of lack.

  • Breathe and move with intention. 

  • Raise consciousness.

  • Build a welcoming community.

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