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Light-Touch recovery is an individualized and non-invasive approach to recovery training. Light-touch recovery helps you recover faster from a workout while releasing blockages and stagnation. Light touch recovery can help regulate the nervous system so you feel relaxed, recharged, and rejuvenated — preparing you for your next training session, competition, or performance.
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During physical workouts, your body experiences an intense burst of physiological stress. If these workouts aren’t followed up with a proper recovery routine, it can increase the probability of injury or ailment, and even shorten the span of your career.


These sessions aim to bring the nervous system to a parasympathetic state through light-touch. The parasympathetic nervous system —often called rest and digest — is responsible for bringing our body back to a state of relaxation. It slows the heart rate, the breath, and stimulates digestion. It essentially reverses the effects of the sympathetic nervous system — the fight or flight — after a high-intensity workout or during moments of tension.


Lingering injuries or unhealed injuries can cause restriction or stagnation of energy in the body. This can result in symptoms like chronic pain, restricted breathing, muscle spasms, joint, and muscle stiffness, decreased range of motion, and poor posture. Restless sleep, insomnia, or irritability may also be an indication of stagnation. 


Hanna's approach utilizes light, non-invasive touch that results in a reduction of bodily stress. This can facilitate your body’s healing and recovery process and creates an overall shift in your entire being as restrictions and stagnation are released. This allows energy to move through your body and restore overall balance. 


The release of this restricted or stagnant energy is expressed through your breath, body heat, and movement; resulting in noticeable physical, psychological, and mental improvement.  

Light touch recovery sessions can help you:


  • Help you recover faster from a workout

  • Regulate the nervous system

  • Feel relaxed, recharged, and rejuvenated — preparing you for the next training session 

  • Free yourself from old, dysfunctional patterns and habits

  • Increase overall awareness 


Gradually this practice can help you realize the extent of your physical capabilities, increase your mental resilience, and unleash your full potential.


  • What’s yoga for athletes?
    Yoga for athletes is specialized yoga based on the athlete’s sport, performance type, and specific needs. If you have an injury and/or looking to improve mobility, flexibility, and overall range of motion, we’ll customize and modify the positions based on your goals. Specialized yoga will also focus on stretching your most worked muscle groups. The aim is to reduce muscle and joint stiffness from training, overtraining, and/or injuries. We’ll incorporate passive, active, and restorative positions to help your body soften and open up.
  • When is the best time to schedule a specialized yoga session?
    Specialized yoga is best practiced after your training session or during your rest days.
  • Are you trained to work with injuries?
    Yes, we’re trained to work with fighters, other athletes, and performers who may have injuries. The poses will be modified and the pace will be much slower than in a conventional yoga class. We’ll utilize passive and restorative positions based on your injury type. It’s important to note that you should always get cleared by your doctor prior to starting yoga training.
  • Do I have to practice in between sessions?
    Yes, we strongly encourage you to practice yoga, stretching, and breathwork on a daily basis for best results.
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