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“Breathing is Meaning” Catherine Fitzmaurice 


The breath is the link between the mind and body. The practice of breath work helps us deepen this connection, learn to regulate our nervous system, and improve mental resilience and focus. Developing conscious breathing habits can have profound effects on our mental and physical health as well as performance.
Utilizing breathing techniques will help you: 
  • Gain a greater understanding of how your body functions and how to regulate it
  • Enhance your sense of presence and awareness
  • Increase endurance 
  • Identify areas of tension and restrictions 
  • Improve focus and alertness 


Breath work is one of the best tools to increase endurance and support career longevity, especially for top competing fighters, other athletes, and performers. 
Breathwork can also affect the balance and function of your nervous system by helping you regulate it and bring it back to a state of homeostasis, especially in intense situations such as a competition or a performance. Breathwork also helps facilitate post-competition or performance relaxation which enhances fitness recovery.
“Breath is our life force energy.”- InDepth Yoga 
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Breath-work sessions will utilize intentional movements otherwise known as Tremorwork®.


Tremorwork® is a method to remove stagnant energy (residual trauma), muscular tension and blockages within the body. The founder, Catherine Fitzmaurice's intention is to break down these habitual patterns of muscular constraints, stagnant energy (residual trauma) and blockages in an individual through involuntary actions such as shivering or tremoring. 

Tremorwork® is a number of customized yoga positions in which a student is asked to adopt a classic pose such as a dorsal stretch where the muscles are not quite stretched out completely but enough to where the muscle can’t hold its place and therefore shakes or shivers, involuntarily. “Shivering serves to relax the muscles, and activate them requiring more oxygen to burn and, in turn, needing a person to breathe more deeply in a less controlled manner and rather unconstrained”  by stev.

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The intention of a guided meditation session is to help you gain awareness of your physical body, deepen your relationship with it, and gain a greater understanding of how your body operates through your breathing patterns and identifying areas of muscular tension. 

In sessions, you’ll be laying on a mat on the ground with your hands by your side or one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. You will be invited to set an intention for the session, close your eyes and observe yourself and your breath in an objective manner. 

Vocal guidance will suggest ways to ground yourself in this space, connect with your breath, relax your body, and observe bodily sensations such as tingling, movement, and heat. 

  • What’s yoga for athletes?
    Yoga for athletes is specialized yoga based on the athlete’s sport, performance type, and specific needs. If you have an injury and/or looking to improve mobility, flexibility, and overall range of motion, we’ll customize and modify the positions based on your goals. Specialized yoga will also focus on stretching your most worked muscle groups. The aim is to reduce muscle and joint stiffness from training, overtraining, and/or injuries. We’ll incorporate passive, active, and restorative positions to help your body soften and open up.
  • When is the best time to schedule a specialized yoga session?
    Specialized yoga is best practiced after your training session or during your rest days.
  • Are you trained to work with injuries?
    Yes, we’re trained to work with fighters, other athletes, and performers who may have injuries. The poses will be modified and the pace will be much slower than in a conventional yoga class. We’ll utilize passive and restorative positions based on your injury type. It’s important to note that you should always get cleared by your doctor prior to starting yoga training.
  • Do I have to practice in between sessions?
    Yes, we strongly encourage you to practice yoga, stretching, and breathwork on a daily basis for best results.
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