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Unleash Your Potential, Increase Your Performance, and Prolong Your Career with Fitness Recovery Training, Yoga for Athletes, Breathwork, and Light-Touch Recovery with Hanna Gedy, High-Performance Coach



What if you could excel in your field and pave your way to a successful winning career as a high-achieving fighter, athlete, or performer by learning how to recover faster from a workout or performance, prevent injuries and support career longevity? What if you could learn how to utilize your breath in intense situations, increase your range of motion through intentional movements, and ease recovery phase with specialized yoga, breath-work, and light-touch recovery?

It gets even better!


What if there was a non-invasive way for you to recover faster from a workout or performance and restore your physique to its most efficient state? What if there was a training program to help you boost imagination, heighten focus, improve mobility, and enhance relaxation post-performance? A training program with a focus to improve physical and mental resilience during competition or performance, speed up recovery, and guide your body back to its natural state of health, strength, and alignment  — ultimately setting you up for the long-term success of your career in the fitness arena and performing arts industry?


As a high-achieving fighter, athlete, or performer with a big vision, you live for the win. You’re prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve success in your field. You are deeply committed to your personal and professional growth. You’re fascinated with your mind, your body, your mental and physical capabilities. You’re ready to get to know yourself on a more intimate level by developing heightened awareness, efficiency, and connection to your physique.


You know that to reach long-term success in your industry, there are no cookie-cutter methods to support career longevity and rejuvenate the nervous system. But you’re willing to go out of your way to do whatever it takes for you to be the best of the best.

Best Recovery after Workout, Athlete Training and Coaching in Los Angeles



You’re already on the top of your game, but you’ve reached your capacity to increase your physical and mental performance any further.
  • You train hard. Really hard. Sometimes though, you feel like you’re spending days — or even weeks — in recovery mode. You know recovery time is important, but this cycle can get in the way of attaining the long-term goals and achievements you desire.
  • So you stay committed to your vision, continue to train hard, and hope that your goals won’t ultimately cause injury or harm your body with the intensity of your performance. Because you give it all you’ve got.
  • But now, you’re ready to discover new, less intense ways of training your body and mind to enhance the quality of your performance even further. To ease and speed recovery, prevent injuries, and support career longevity.
  • You desire to learn how to utilize the power of your breath in intense situations and enhance your presence during a competition or performance. To tap into your body’s powerful resources and expand your physical and mental capabilities.



Imagine having a successful athletic and performance career without any added pressure or stress to your body as you test it to its limit. 


Fitness recovery training helps athletes and performers recover faster from workouts and performances, prevent injuries, support career longevity, and reach peak performance. At Chase Your Wind, we work with athletes and performers to improve strength, speed, and other qualities that lead to improved athletic performance and injury prevention through methods that focus on:

  • Yoga for athletes 

  • Breathwork 

  • Light-touch recovery

  • Flexibility training

  • Static stretching 

  • Mobility training

  • Mindfulness

  • Mental resilience

  • Guided meditations 

Fitness recovery training at Chase Your Wind is much more than the best way to physically recover from workouts and performances. It’s also about mental resilience. It's about training your body and mind through breathwork, guided meditations, mindful living, and tracking your thought patterns. It’s about guiding you to be the best version of yourself.


Here is what your transformation gets to look like when you learn to increase your focus, stay in the game, and tap into your body's powerful resources:

Gain a greater understanding of your physical capabilities and the powerful connection between your body and mind.

Boost imagination, and improve focus to increase the success and endurance of your performance.

Increase your range of motion, flexibility, balance, and mobility through specialized yoga.

Learn to utilize your breath to your advantage during high-intensity workouts, competitions, and performances, balance your nervous system and increase mental focus with breathwork.

Restore your body to pre-injury condition.

Free yourself from old, dysfunctional patterns that are holding you back, and reprogram your thought patterns and habits that no longer serve or don’t support you in reaching your desired results. Increase overall body awareness and grounding into the present moment with light touch.

It’s time to find an even better way to strengthen your performance in ways that don’t bring you discomfort and keep you out of the game. You don’t need to sacrifice your physical or mental well-being for your career.

Become the hero of your story by becoming invincible in the pursuit of your long-term career success, physical health, and mental resilience.

If you are ready to utilize your body and mind to the fullest extent to create long-term career success in the fitness and performance industry in ways you’ve never imagined, I’m offering exactly what you need!



Fitness Recovery Training with

Hanna Gedy, High-Performance Coach


I help fighters, other athletes, and performers excel in their field and unleash their full potential for peak performance, through the transformative power of specialized yoga, breath-work, and light- touch recovery. My mission is to help fighters, other athletes, and performers just like you tap into and utilize  their body in the most efficient way so they can focus on enhancing your performance and support their way to a successful winning career.
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Fitness Recovery Training is for the fighter, athlete, and performer who is ready to: 
  • Enhance physical fitness and mental resilience
  • Boost imagination 
  • Heighten focus 
  • Improve mobility 
  • Prevent injuries 
  • Enhance relaxation post-performance 
  • Get to know their body on a more intimate level to enhance their performance, and prolong their careers 


The modalities I use include yoga, stretching, mobility exercises, breathwork, guided meditations, and light touch recovery. This approach results in a profound physical and mental transformation which is perfect for high-achieving athletes and performers who are at top of their game, but need that competitive edge so they can continue progressing in their careers and build a name for themselves in the competing and performing field.


Please note that as of right now, all sessions take place in person in the Los Angeles area. Please let us know in the following form where in the world you are, to register your interest, and be the first to learn more about any cross-country and overseas upcoming workshops, tours, and sessions.



In 2009, I began my training in the performing arts. I  studied at HB Studio, the Utah Haggen Institution in the West Village, and T. Schreiber Studio in Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC. In 2011, I joined the SAG-AFTRA union and I became a weekly member of the Shakespeare Forum in Hell's Kitchen. My Shakespeare studies included workshops with Patsy Rodenburg, allowing me to learn from the best of the best.


After dedicating years to developing my skills and performance abilities, my path naturally led me to explore various somatic and healing modalities. My initial exploration included Yoga, Tai-Chi, Alexander Technique, and Feldenkrais Technique. I was even fortunate enough to experiment with Rolfing, Gyrotonic, Source Point, and Trigger Point Therapy. My studies have led me to travel the world and learn from some of the best names in the performance, fitness, and holistic industries.


I trained at Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood, LA, I studied at Crash Acting and The Clown School and I had the wonderful opportunity to work privately with Saul Kotzubei. In 2016,  I became a certified Assistant Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and in 2017, I joined a fight gym in West LA. In 2020, I trained at the prestigious gym Tiger Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts in Phuket, Thailand followed by the completion of a 50-hour Yoga for Athletes Training Course through InDepth Yoga Academy in Rawai, Thailand.

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